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Los Angeles Times’ Ask ED Q&A

Dear Ed, My son was accepted to only one of the 11 colleges he applied to.  Except for workstudy and some Stafford loans, the college didn’t offer us much.  Even though we weren’t sure how we could afford it, we … Continue reading

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Does your child need help with their college applications?

Announcing our “College Application Boot Camp” Saturday, August 28th, 2010 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM  Most parents are absolutely terrified of the thought of their student filling out college applications accurately and on time.  College acceptances are getting more and … Continue reading

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The SAT/ACT Series

When your dreams include finding the angle of a triangle or determining which word (imperious, suffering, excitable, resourceful, or precocious) is the right word to complete a sentence, you know the SAT or ACT is approaching!  Which test are you … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Times’ Ask ED Q&A

Dear ED, There are thousands of different scholarships available for college, but I understand most are difficult to get.  What is the difference between a private and public scholarship? – Amanda, parent, Woodland Hills, CA Many organizations – from church … Continue reading

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Stay Current on Changes with College Loans

This new system should save the American people several billions of dollars! Continue reading

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