School Spotlight: UCLA

If you ever plan on taking a trip to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) campus make sure you come prepared with your walking shoes and a map in hand. For a school with over 40,000 undergraduate and graduate students, navigating through the UCLA campus can be a mission.  Located in Westwood and bordered by the gorgeous cities of Bel-Air and Beverly Hills, UCLA fits right in so look up from your map and appreciate the beauty of the campus you might recognize from various films. 

Just one building on the beautiful UCLA campus!

Grab a cup of coffee at the Kerckhoff Coffee house and walk up Bruin Walk.  Bruin Walk is the heart of the school, stretching across the entire campus.  You can view the different student organizations and clubs that line the walk promoting their upcoming events.  Head to North Campus and tour the historical Royce Hall on your way to the Sculpture Garden or find students studying (or napping) in Powell Library.  Take a stroll down to the science court in South Campus and visit the Inverted Fountain then stop by the Bomb Shelter for a burger or check out one of the five dining facilities on The Hill.  Lastly, take a peek into the legendary Pauley Pavilion, home of Bruin Basketball, and say hi to Joe Bruin.  A bit of advice – be prepared to walk up and down a lot of hills and watch out for the squirrels!

Walk across the entire campus on the Bruin Walk!

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