Help! I have to write an essay!

Fear not!  We can help! Everyone knows that the structure of a paper includes an introduction, body, and conclusion.  But do you know what is included in each one?  If not, you will now . . .

1. The Introduction

This is the most important part!  Why?  Because if you don’t immediately hook your reader, there’s a chance that she or he won’t bother to read on.

  • Begin with an attention grabber – a surprising fact or witty anecdote, a shocking statistic, or even lines of dialogue.
  • State your thesis.  This is the time to indicate what your essay will set out to discuss.
  • Include a brief sample of the ideas you’ll be expressing to support and develop your thesis.

 2. The Body

  • Three to five paragraphs; one paragraph for each supporting idea.
  • Start each paragraph with a topic sentence (expressing the focus of the paragraph).
  • Follow up with sentences that will support your main point.

 3. Conclusion

  • The conclusion wraps up your entire essay by briefly reminding the reader of your thesis statement.
  • Take the conclusion one step further and offer a brand new perspective or opinion that you’ve reached by the end of the essay.

Now that you’ve put in the time to draft your essays, you don’t want to repeat mistakes that other students have done in the past.  The list below will help you overcome the pitfalls and errors that have resulted in the denial of admissions to colleges because of their essays:

Mistake #10: Using the same essay for every application.

Mistake #9: Plagiarizing other students’ work.

Mistake #8: Using a thesaurus for too many words.

Mistake #7: Not streamlining the essay with your application.

Mistake #6: Trying to impress the essay reader.

Mistake #5: Picking an inappropriate topic.

Mistake #4: Making an essay into a resume.

Mistake #3: Overt praise.

Mistake #2: Proofread!

Mistake #1: Not answering the question.

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