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UC and Cal State Applications are DUE TODAY!

Today’s an important day for most California high school seniors. Today is the day the UC and Cal State applications are due! Today, November 30, 2010 at midnight. Today you need to hit submit on all those applications you’ve been … Continue reading

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What to do over Thanksgiving:

Curious as to what you (or your student) should be accomplishing over the holidays to stay on track for college? Look no further! We’ve listed what should be done for a student in each grade. Remember, proper planning now will … Continue reading

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The UC Application Website has CRASHED!!

Sometimes we don’t like being right. We warn our students to not wait until the last minute to send in applications, not just because it looks like you are a procrastinator to Admissions Officers, but also due to the high … Continue reading

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Part 3 of Campus Visits: Questions to Ask During a Campus Visit

When you arrive on campus, you’ll probably head to the Admissions Office where a student tour guide will show you the campus and share interesting facts about the school while walking a group around the campus. Take advantage of this … Continue reading

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Part 2 of Campus Visits: What to do During Your Visit

To schedule an in-person visit, call the school’s Admissions Office. Make sure to not schedule your visit around hectic times like mid-terms or finals. When talking to the school representative, be sure to ask: • if you may sit in … Continue reading

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Part 1 of Campus Visits: When to Visit

This is the first installment in our Campus Visit Series. We will be covering when students should visit college campuses, what to do during a campus visit, and questions to ask during those visits. Physically visiting a school is the … Continue reading

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What is a concentration/emphasis?

An emphasis/concentration is to pick a specialty within a major. For example, you can declare a major in business and a concentration in accounting. You’ll take the “normal” required classes for a business major, but then you’ll also be required … Continue reading

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