Part 2 of Campus Visits: What to do During Your Visit

Pepperdine University

To schedule an in-person visit, call the school’s Admissions Office. Make sure to not schedule your visit around hectic times like mid-terms or finals. When talking to the school representative, be sure to ask:

• if you may sit in on a Freshman-level class, and
• if the tour includes the dorms
• make sure to schedule it close to a meal time

Sitting in on a class you would potentially take lets you witness what your next four years might look like. Keep in mind that it’s only one class of many, but at least you’ll have an idea.

Visiting the freshman dorms is essential to evaluating your threshold – can you live on a floor with 25 other people sharing a communal bathroom? Do you think two roommates would drive you nuts, or could you live in a suite with five roommates? Housing varies at each college, so make sure to check what is available at each school. Also ask about housing allocation after freshmen year – is housing guaranteed, is there a lottery, are their fraternities/sororities?

If you visit around a mealtime, most schools will give you a voucher for a meal on campus. Many schools take great pride in their dining facilities, a running joke is the infamous “Freshman 15”, where the food is so good that Freshmen, on average, gain 15 pounds their first year! Sample everything; do you like the food? Do you like the atmosphere? Can you see yourself eating three meals a day for four years there? What types of meal plans are available?

Next post will cover questions to ask during a campus visit!

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