Part 3 of Campus Visits: Questions to Ask During a Campus Visit

Columbia University

When you arrive on campus, you’ll probably head to the Admissions Office where a student tour guide will show you the campus and share interesting facts about the school while walking a group around the campus. Take advantage of this time and ask some questions while you’re walking around:

What do people do for fun?
Where do the students hang out between classes?
Who are the school rivals? What role do athletics play in campus life?
Are freshmen allowed to have cars on campus? How is parking on campus?
What is the standard course load?
What are the most popular clubs/organizations on campus?
What is the graduation rate?
What is the gender ratio?
Are there visiting hours? Quiet hours?
What are some of the favorite activities for students?
Are there any school traditions?
Ask about any of your specific interests – for example, if you are interested in business, do they have a business association?
Does the school have a program/office to help with internship/job placement?
Are their rules governing curfews, drinking, or smoking?
What are the various housing options?
Did any famous people attend the school?

You can also talk to current students to get a feel of what they like/dislike about the school. Reading the campus newspaper and checking out bulletin boards in the student union, cafeteria, or dorms is a great way to find out what issues are on campus.

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