What to do over Thanksgiving:

Curious as to what you (or your student) should be accomplishing over the holidays to stay on track for college? Look no further! We’ve listed what should be done for a student in each grade. Remember, proper planning now will make life easier in the future.

9th Grade: Pick a couple of school extracurricular activities (check school’s website, talk to friends, etc.) that you might be interested in joining next semester. If you don’t know what’s available, get a list from your school’s counselor. It’s important that each student be involved in their school and community.

10th Grade: Research volunteering opportunities at local organizations that are applicable to your potential career field/current interests. Take advantage of family, friends, and teacher connections.

11th Grade: Research colleges that you might be interested in attending. Check out their websites, their admission requirements, schedule a tour (see previous blog series on campus visits), or request information be mailed to you.

12th Grade: Finish all applications and essays for applications due on November 30 or December 1! Just a reminder to submit your applications before the deadline! For those of you applying to UC schools, the website has already crashed once and it’ll happen again. DON’T’ WAIT UNTIL THE DEADLINE!

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re taking the December 4th SAT, STUDY!! Here’s a link to a few practice exams available on CollegeBoard:

If you have any questions, feel free to call our office at (818) 433-7200.

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