SAT Day of Test Timeline

SAT test is tomorrow!! You’ve studied for weeks and weeks (hopefully!) and it’s finally time to take the test.  Use this last day to relax and mentally prepare.  Follow the day of the test guideline so you can be ready to tackle the test! GOOD LUCK!

Day of Test Timeline

The night before the test:

  • Do set out everything you’ll need (No. 2 pencils, water bottle, calculator, jacket, snack, etc.) 
  • Do plan to do something that relaxes you – reading a book, watching TV, taking a walk, hanging out with friends, etc.
  • Go to bed early – you’ll think better if you’re well rested.

The day of the test:

  • Wake up early so that you can arrive at the test center early.  If you don’t know where the test center is, it would be a good idea to drive to it a few days before the test so you know exactly where you should be going. 
  • Don’t skip breakfast.  When you’re hungry, it’s harder to concentrate and skip the milk as it makes you sleepy.
  • Use your breaks wisely for snacks, water, and the bathroom.
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