What happens next?

What happens after I receive a decision letter?  You’ve been waiting and worrying and agonizing.  Are you going to be accepted?  Are you going to be denied?  Will you end up on a waitlist?  The memories of all the classes, testing, applications, essays and stress are slowly fading as the overwhelming excitement of acceptance letters creeps in. 

Congratulations, you’ve been accepted!   But now what?  Here comes the hard part of having to decide where you want to go.  When you are sorting out your acceptances and trying to decide which school to attend, it will be helpful to:

  1. Visit the campuses again, perhaps spending an overnight with the chance to attend classes
  2. Compare expenses and/or financial aid packages
  3. Attend open houses for accepted students
  4. Carefully compare each college’s courses, activities, and other unique opportunities
  5. Review your original reasons for applying and revisit your major choice – has it changed?
  6. Trust your intuition


Remember you will be spending the next 4 years there, so choose wisely!

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