Colleges with the best… Housing

There are rankings for everything relating to college, most beautiful campus, nicest dorms, most academically challenging, and of course . . . best food. If after carefully reviewing all your acceptances and award packages you still cannot choose which school to attend this series of rankings may help you decide.

Living on campus is one of the most memorable things about going to college. Choosing the right dorm accommodations may make a difference on the overall experience. It is a good idea to research the dorms at your top college choices; after all you will be spending 4 years there! Here is the list of the country’s best and worst college dorm rooms:

• Best housing. Surviving freshman year is hard enough, so a cozy place to hang your backpack is appreciated! There are “dorms like palaces” at Smith, Loyola College in Maryland, George Washington, Bryn Mawr, Bowdoin, Harvard, Loyola MD, Pepperdine University, and Scripps College.
• Worst housing. Ranked in the “dorms like dungeons” category are the United States Coast Guard Academy, the University of Hawaii (hopefully they have a view at least), the United States Merchant Marine Academy, the University of New Orleans, and Tuskegee.

Click on the link below to check out the virtual tour of one of Smith College’s dorms!

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