Classes Every College Student Should Take…Part 1

Regardless of what career field or major you choose, there are certain skills that are beneficial for everyone to have in college and in the work force.  Learning some of these basic skills can give you an advantage for acing presentations, and landing internships and jobs!

No matter what career you choose, communication plays a crucial role in your relationships in college and life.  Learning how to communicate well within a small group or as part of a large audience will open the door to many personal and professional opportunities.  It is a powerful tool for information, influence, persuasion, motivation, or just entertaining. 

In school it is a useful tool for class presentations, running for a leadership position, or interviewing for an internship.  In your professional career it can help you persuade someone to give you a medical research grant, influence people to buy your product, or inform the jury of your evidence.  A speech or public speaking class will help you gain confidence when speaking to others and will allow you to practice your tone, pitch, inflection, posture, and hand gestures to maximize your communication skills.  So when you are looking at which classes to take, consider taking a speech or public speaking class to give you that competitive edge.

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