College is expensive. Tuition, room and board, furnishing a dorm room, school supplies, late night food runs… etc… it adds up! But no expense is more shocking than buying your first set of textbooks. Since when did books become so expensive? Nothing is harder than parting with $100+ for a biology book, so before you empty your wallet, consider the following tips to get more book for your buck!

  1. Buy used- Used books may not have the pretty, shiny cover but they are almost always in excellent reading condition and you can get them for 40-60% off what a new one would cost! 
  2. Buy your books online- There are many websites that offer used and new textbooks for less than what they cost in school bookstores.  Check out,, or
  3. Buy older editions when possible- Bigger textbooks (especially science or history ones) have new editions each year.  Often the differences between editions are minor, so before you drop serious cash for the new one, ask your professor an older edition is acceptable. 
  4. Share with your classmates- Some classes will require you to buy several small books (especially English classes), when possible, see if one of your classmates would split the costs and share the books with you.
  5. Use your school library or public library- All textbooks sold in the bookstore should be available at your school library and most at your local public too. So before you buy, see if you can borrow them! 
  6. Sell your used books- Once the semester is over sell the books you no longer need.  Many campus bookstores will buy them back from the students, you can also sell them to someone taking the same class next semester, or sell them online!

If you are looking to save money by buying used books remember the early birds gets the worm!! The best deals, online and in your campus bookstore, are limited.  To get the most for your money don’t wait to the last minute!

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