Classes Every College Student Should Take… Part 2

Regardless of what career field or major you choose, there are certain skills that are beneficial for everyone to have in college and in the work force. Learning some of these basic skills can give you an advantage for acing presentations, and landing internships and jobs!

Unless your life consists of living in a cave by yourself, understanding human behavior is the key for successful social interaction in the classroom, personal life, and career. Why a smell can remind you of a certain time or place or why a song can trigger a happy or sad feeling is all psychological. Taking even the most basic introduction to psychology course can aid your understanding of how the human brain works and what triggers certain emotional responses. Psychological concepts can be applied to many aspects of everyday life, from how to deal with stress to personal, social and environmental development. A major part of our daily lives consist of understanding and solving problems. Whether at work, as a student, or even as a parent understanding the underlying factors that cause emotional responses can aid you in solving minor or major problems. Recognizing psychological triggers can also help you understand your own emotions, aiding you in dealing with stress, depression, and coping with life’s challenges.

Basic psychological principles can be applied to various aspects of other careers. In the education field, achieving maximum response from the students is based on how their brain works. In marketing, knowing product placement is crucial and psychologically driven. The fact that more cereal commercials are shown at night as opposed to the rest of the day and why sugary foods are often found on low shelves in the supermarket is no accident.

Recognizing how people “work” and identifying expressive reactions can prepare you to properly react in certain situations, giving you the upper hand. Taking a psychology class is a good investment to better understand ourselves and others.

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