Application Components Part 3

Activities and Honors Colleges want to know what you’ve been doing, how long you’ve been doing it, and how successful you’ve been. Being active in the community and taking a leadership role in an activity demonstrates that you’ll be similarly active in college and beyond. It enriches the college experience for everyone else and reflects well upon the school. Schools want students who, after they graduate, will promote their Alma Mater – their accomplishments reflecting a positive image of the school.

A common question is if your course load is difficult and you’re finding it hard to fit in community service and extracurricular activities without your grades suffering, should you focus more on grades or community involvement? That question is a difficult one, and schools definitely vary on this matter, however, the best advice is BALANCE! Often times, when admissions officers see that you do nothing but school, even if you have a 4.0, they will assume that you are not well-rounded – which is a quality important to succeed at a university and beyond. A stellar transcript is great, but you also should have a list of activities showing that you are broad-minded and passionate in other areas.

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