Colleges With the Best… Food

There are rankings for everything relating to college, most beautiful campus, nicest dorms, most academically challenging, and of course . . . best food. If you’re going to gain the Freshman 15, then it might as well be good food, right? Here are a few of the weird rankings given to colleges:
• The best college food. The best food is at Virginia Tech, Bowdoin College, Wheaton College, Bryn Mawr, James Madison, Boston University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, and the University of Notre Dame.
• The most inedible college food. It’s said the worst college eats in the country are at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Could the dining hall food actually be worse than MREs? The award can also be given to Fordham, Guilford College, and the University of Illinois.

The food may be delicious but beware of The Freshman 15! The expression is derived from the fact that most Freshman, not used to 3 buffet meals a day, tend to eat more than they should and gain an average of 15 pounds during their first year at school. Being a successful student starts with a healthy mind and body. Eat healthy. Make time to exercise. Be smart.

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