Top 10 Essay Mistakes & Pitfalls Part 1

Application season is just around the corner. Along with that, comes what seems to be an endless amount of essay writing. The admissions essay can make or break the application. Before you get started on your essays take a look at Part 1 of the top 10 essay mistakes and pitfalls and avoid them at all costs!

Mistake #10: Using the same essay for every application. All colleges have their own identity and mission statement. Pay attention to what their ideology is and think about what you can do to cater to it.

Mistake #9: Plagiarizing other students’ work. Just don’t do it. Period.

Mistake #8: Using a thesaurus for too many words. This mistake can lead to an awkward tangle of an essay.

Mistake #7: Not streamlining the essay with your application. Many applicants do not pay attention to the unity between their essay and the actual application. It is jarring to read if the essay seems to portray a different picture of the student than the application.

Mistake #6: Trying to impress the essay reader. Do not try to impress the admission officer. They will be able to sense a pretentious voice beneath descriptions of grand earth shaking events. Write about what you know and draw from your own experiences.

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