Pets at College?

That’s right: at some colleges, there are dorms that let you bring the family pet with you to keep you company while you study! The following is a list of colleges that allow pets, and which kinds of pets they allow:

Notre Dame, the University of Georgia, and Northern Arizona University all let you bring along that aquatic friend, so long as it lives in an aquarium of a specific size.

Some colleges will allow smaller pets in aquariums and cages; Harvey Mudd College will allow a gerbil or a turtle; Humboldt State allows you to bring in aquarium pets like lizards, snakes, or turtles; Principia College, Vassar College and Case Western Reserve University welcome pets that live in cages; Wellesley College has several dorms that allow birds, fish, or rodents.

Students at SUNY Canton who live in The Pet Wing can bring many small caged pets like gerbils, hamsters, or even cats! MIT also has cat-friendly floors in several of their residence halls so that even if you don’t have a cat, you can enjoy fuzzy company from your roommate’s pet.

It may be rare to find a dog on campus, but some welcome them. Lehigh University allows each Greek house to have one registered cat or dog. Stetson University and Pet Central at Stephens College will allow dogs without any weight restrictions, and any other pet you might want to bring, too!

William and Jefferson College allows one cat or dog per room, so roommates have to decide which pet gets to live in the dorm. At Eckerd College several students have ducks, and one even has a rooster! Sweet Briar College even allows your horse!

Pets are part of the family, so why not take your furry friend with you!

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