Top Essay Mistakes & Pitfalls Part 2

One post is not enough warning on what to avoid when writing college admission essays. Take a look at part 2 of the top 10 Essay Mistakes and Pitfalls:

Mistake #5: Picking an inappropriate topic. In an attempt to be clever, many people resort to self-deprecation and paint a less than flattering image of themselves.

Mistake #4: Making an essay into a resume. Students want to impress the reader so much that they completely ignore the essay prompt and make the essay into a list of their accomplishments. Your application covers this area, use the essay to reveal more about who you are, not what you’ve done.

Mistake #3: Overt praise. If you are sending a school an application, they will simply assume that you want to attend. You don’t have to profusely compliment the campus and faculty – it might come across as insincere.

Mistake #2: Proofread! You CANNOT edit your essay too much. Write several drafts and edit each draft thoroughly for syntax, grammar, spelling, and general structure. Admissions officers will immediately discredit you for making petty errors.

Mistake #1: Not answering the question. The admissions committee uses certain essay prompts for a specific reason – they want you to answer it! So beware of steering away from the point and running off on tangents.

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Top Ranked Liberal Arts Colleges

Every time we hear about the best schools in the nation we immediately gravitate to big universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. However, big universities are not for everyone. Some students are better suited for a small liberal arts college. Although they don’t make as big of a buzz, they offer top notch educations just like their larger counterparts. Take a look at US News list of top liberal arts colleges in the nation.

US News Liberal Arts College Rankings

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Top 10 Essay Mistakes & Pitfalls Part 1

Application season is just around the corner. Along with that, comes what seems to be an endless amount of essay writing. The admissions essay can make or break the application. Before you get started on your essays take a look at Part 1 of the top 10 essay mistakes and pitfalls and avoid them at all costs!

Mistake #10: Using the same essay for every application. All colleges have their own identity and mission statement. Pay attention to what their ideology is and think about what you can do to cater to it.

Mistake #9: Plagiarizing other students’ work. Just don’t do it. Period.

Mistake #8: Using a thesaurus for too many words. This mistake can lead to an awkward tangle of an essay.

Mistake #7: Not streamlining the essay with your application. Many applicants do not pay attention to the unity between their essay and the actual application. It is jarring to read if the essay seems to portray a different picture of the student than the application.

Mistake #6: Trying to impress the essay reader. Do not try to impress the admission officer. They will be able to sense a pretentious voice beneath descriptions of grand earth shaking events. Write about what you know and draw from your own experiences.

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School Spotlight: Chapman University

Check out one of the most hidden schools that Southern California has to offer. They are big on attention, yet small on class size. Chapman is located in the city of Orange that gives students the small-town feel that many enjoy but maintaining proximity to Los Angeles and Orange County for accessibility to big city opportunities. Chapman provides a nationally accredited liberal arts education, with a comprehensive curriculum and the research opportunities you’d find at large institutions. Check out the YouTube video below to get more information on Chapman:

<a href=”“>

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Thank you Notes Aid in Higher Education Scholarships

Do you think something as small as a thank you note can guarantee you 15,000 dollars? Receiving scholarships from benefactors is a privilege and students who show appreciation for their donations can help in receiving aid money for the years to come. In the article below shows how Barton College and many other universities have proven this to be true.

Thank Your Notes Aid in Higher Education Scholarships

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The Personal Statement

Imagine five hundred thousand eager college applicants writing five hundred thousand college admission essays. You may wonder how to distinguish yourself from the students with similar grades, comparable test scores, and a familiar list of extracurricular activities. The answer is with a top notch and memorable personal statement. Depending on the topic you choose, the essay you write provides additional evidence of your intellectual and creative achievement and it’s an opportunity for the readers of your application to get a feel for you as a person. Take a look below at a video from UC admissions officers for tips on writing a stellar personal statement!

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Choosing the Right Major

An analysis of the projected lifetime earnings of numerous college majors provides a clearer picture of what one bachelor’s degree means compared to another in the labor market. The demand and decline of certain job fields are unknown and choosing the right major for the future is crucial. Below is an article providing majors students should consider due to researchers foreseeing the demand of certain job fields:

College Major Analysis

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